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Current jobs:


The work consists in setting up a banquet (arranging tables, chairs, etc.) Requirements: - Availability in the afternoon / night - We do not require experience We [...]

SkyBAR hostess

Requirements: - Availability of 3/4 days a week in the afternoon, - Communicative knowledge of English We guarantee: - Work at Sky Bar on the 4th floor [...]

Breakfast waiter

Requirements: - Availability in the mornings, afternoons are free! We guarantee: - Flexible graphics that reconcile with other activities! - Waiter and development training - Timely payment [...]

Technical department

Requirements: - Availability 5 days a week - Team work skills - Willingness to work - Painting experience is welcome. We guarantee: - Work immediately in a [...]


Each of our clients is treated individually. We do our best to identify with their needs. It's proofed by long-term cooperation with hotel industry moguls.

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We hire employees in various positions, from maids, waiters, receptionists, conservators, bartenders, chefs and kitchen assistants. We have employed 28,000 people so far.

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About Skills Net Polska

We are a dynamically growing company with an established and stable position on the market, functioning without interruption since 2010. We always set the highest quality of service and satisfaction of our partners for the goal. We approach each client individually, identifying with his needs, as evidenced by long-term cooperation with the hotel industry.

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The most frequently asked questions

1. Why is it more profitable to work at a hotel via Skills Net?

Because the graphics are flexible, you can work in many places and choose your favorite, thanks to this, gain Your experience.

2. What kind of contract will we sign if I decide to work at a Skills Net hotel?

It is the contract work

3. Will I have guaranteed food while working in a hotel? To what extent?

Yes, depending on the place, it is free, or costs up to PLN 10 for the whole dinner set

4. Will Skills Net Polska provide me health insurance during the term of the contract?

Of course,We pay compulsory contributions to ZUS for not-students.

5. What happens if I get sick or stay in a holiday. Do I have health and vacation leave?

If you are not a student and You agreed to voluntary payment of sick pay, after 90 days you are entitled to a paid exemption. If you are a student, You are not. On the contract, the holiday is free.

6. How is my work schedule set? Is it possible to combine work in a hotel, e.g. with studies?

The schedule is set up a week in advance, based on the individual availability. It does not interfere with studies, because the students declares on which days they are able to work.

7. Will I have to work also at night?

There are also night shifts, but each of the employees decides individualy if he wants to work on them

8. Is it possible to renegotiate a salary or to get promoted?

Of course!

9. Who is my manager during the work in the hotel?

Individual duties are ordered by the managers of changes in the hotelbut the contract is signed between you and Skills Net.

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